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The Moth's Footprints: Episode Four.

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'The Moth's Footprints' is a classic fantasy adventure in the style of David Eddings. These monthly episodes were written between May and September, 2004. They include comments and suggestions from my sister, who is helping me in the creation of this story.

Comments by Michelle (me).

Comments by Stephanie (my sister).

5 August 2004

OK... as I said elsewhere... forget the sci-fi overlay for the moment... stick with the straight fantasy... so, boss... since I don't feel like writing anything after 2 hours tax-chat, I will let flow of consciousness loose on your villain questions and see what we can find about Vrag...

1. His favourite thing?

Vrag's favourite possession is a black cane with a sword concealed inside it. The handle is gold and carved to resemble a dragon's head. He has a slight limp which he exaggerates, and he takes his cane everywhere... flourishing it as he walks... our Vrag is quite a flamboyant gentleman... in appearances, if not ancestry...

2. His most extraordinary trait or ability?

Vrag overcompensates for his inferiority complex by manipulating others. Some of his generals think his most extraordinary trait is his ability to stand the sycophantic crowd of fawning flatterers that surround him, but they are attracted to his ruthlessness and follow him because he gets results. His 'friends' think his most extraordinary trait or ability is his glamour... his charisma... his ability to fascinate and entertain them... just by being himself. He personally thinks his most extraordinary trait or ability is the power he can wield over others. He loves it when both the poppinjays and the serious soldiers are vying with each other for his attention... he believes he has only to express a wish for it to be obeyed... and most of the time he's right... and when he's not, the other person doesn't live very long... Actually, he's bloody good at tactics (must be the sneaky mind?). His army has followed him from victory to victory in the West and most believe they will quickly conquer the East, chop down the trees, build boats and conquer the fabled wealth of Zanzara... all before the next harvest...

3. His major deficiencies?

Vrag shares the major deficiency of all evil overlords - a gloating vanity. He believes he will be successful because he can't imagine failure. He gets frustrated if events don't move as fast as he wants them to. He is wasteful of resources in pursuit of a goal, but shrewd and cunning at the same time. He monopolises the adoration of his troops through extreme generosity, but no-one really respects him. His greatest deficiency is perhaps a lack of imagination. He is incapable of grasping the idea of the Little People, and thinks the prophecy was invented by someone as cynical as himself, with competing plans for world domination. Since he always takes the easy way out when he can, he has sent assassins into the East to remove the competition if possible... a machiavellian villain, he subordinates ethics to political power... two-faced...

"Machiavelli claimed that a prince has to be deceitful if it is necessary and suits his purpose. However, there are basically five virtues he has to represent to the people while being deceitful: honesty, uprightness, religiousness, mercy and humanity. By representing those a prince's reign will be free of trouble."

Perhaps Vrag's greatest deficiency is that he 'acts' these characteristics without believing in them... results in an underlying melancholy and deep discontent with life

4. Things he likes to do most?

Vrag's favourite occupation is to explain his plans and tactics to his admiring crowd of cronies, while they ooh and aah at his brilliance and assure him of his glorious victory. He also enjoys inspecting his troops, mounted on a massive black stallion, drawing the sword from his cane and waving it to punctuate his inspirational speeches. I think he's smarter than this... he likes showing off... acting... in order to influence people... and get what he wants

5. Physical attributes?

Dark curly hair... handsome face with a pleasant though somewhat distracted expression... bearded... tall with a slight limp from a childhood accident, which he exaggerates for effect... always well dressed... slim... altogether a very attractive character...

6. Unusual mannerisms?

extravagant gestures... flamboyant flourishes... always dramatic & playing to an audience... when he thinks he is completely alone and unobserved, he bites his nails

7. Mode of speech?

eloquent, convincing... able to talk at all levels - from discussing serious tactics with the generals to flirting with his fan-club to slanging with the soldiers - a chameleon changing his language to meet the situation

8. What does he wish for?

Power... more power and yet more power... he has an inferiority complex & believes himself unloved and unloveable... but if he's powerful enough then the world will at least pretend to love him... he says he wants to unite the continents... to bring back a golden age of peace and rid the lands of superstition... the voice of progress and modernisation...

9. What does he fear?


17 August 2004.

profoundly uninspired at the moment... probably because I'm stressed about study... assignments start being due soon & I haven't started *sigh* what's new... ahh well, this is not the place for complaining... this is the place for imagination... so get to work, no excuses

The trek through the forest was uneventful. Moth, Harry and Darine walked in companionable silence, and towards dusk they arrived at the little cluster of farmhouses that constituted Harry's village. Darine went ahead to scout the surroundings and when she gave the all clear, Harry led the way to his grandmother's door. Her tiny cottage was set back from the others, ringed with a scented garden of herbs and flowers.

writing is like pulling teeth tonight... it just doesn't want to come & it's making me feel bleurrggghhhh... I have some emails to write so I will go inflict myself on them instead of you :) if anything interesting occurs to me, I shall be sure to share :) I know roughly what's supposed to happen next in the story... it's just that its stuck inside me for the moment :( dinna despair... creativity shall return soon!

18 August 2004.

Don't force it - it will all be ok :) when the inspiration hits we will get back on track

27 July 2005.

and that, I'm sorry to say, is as far as The Moth's Footprints ever went. Do not despair, gentle readers... I will return to it... someday...

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