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Schelle, Wombat and Munchkin

Hi, I'm Schelle, the creator of Fractal Myth! Welcome to my website.

Look! These are all the lovely letters I get to string after my name now! The reward for years of arduous study. Let's just stand back and admire them for a second ;P

BA(Hons)(USyd)(2001) LLB(Hons)(UNE)(2007).

I have completed the College of Law's Professional Program and was granted admission to the Supreme Court as a lawyer in April 2010. I had planned to sit for the Bar Exams in July, but instead a fractured femur landed me in hospital with a long slow recovery. Now I am seeking work as a solicitor and desperately hoping to find employment that will allow me time to play with my boys. Other projects on the go include expanding my Law honours thesis into a book on Dynamic Statutory Interpretation, and keeping my Arts degree alive by preparing a book on the poetry of Gwen Harwood, since I find that my explorations of her poems attract more visitors to this site than anything else I have ever written! I am also very interested in the genre of young adult fiction, and have several half-finished novels on the go. In my own poetry, I have most recently been writing a series of poems to complement photos of Australian flora and fauna, taken by my father.

I am a Catholic, and have taught as a catechist or volunteer scripture teacher at a local public primary school. I really love teaching - especially when the students are cooperative and eager to learn. This site includes a page of links to catechist resources that I have found on the internet.

I have the wonderful good fortune to be married to my best friend, Yeti. We have two gorgeous sons (so far - we hope to have more children).

My sons' internet names are Wombat and Munchkin. You can see daily photos of our life at my photo journal Fleeting Reality.

I am honoured to be godmother to both my teenage brother and my two adorable little nieces.

I am of Australian ancestry, drawn primarily from Scotland, Ireland and England. I also claim a Canadian Creek Indian, who married a Scotsman, among my ancestors on my mother's side.

I currently live on a bush property in rural New South Wales, though I was born in Townsville (Queensland). I have also lived in Canberra (Australian Capital Territory), and Adelaide (South Australia).

My education has been mainly in Catholic schools, including: St David's Primary School (Banksia Park, Adelaide); St Agnes' Primary School (Pennant Hills, Sydney); and Mt St Benedict's College (Pennant Hills, Sydney). After attaining my High School Certificate, I went on to the University of Sydney, where I gained a Bachelor of Arts degree, with First Class Honours in English Literature. I have recently completed a Law degree with First Class Honours from the University of New England (the campus is at Armidale, but external study meant I was able to work from home).

The completion of my education has been considerably delayed, due to chronic ill-health. Thankfully, studying from home generates much less stress, allowing me to manage my symptoms with greater success than in the past. Since the birth of my children, I find my stamina and overall health have improved dramatically. I guess I just don't have time to be sick anymore!

The majority of my interests are solitary, sedentary pursuits, though gestational diabetes has led me to discover just how enjoyable and addictive regular exercise can be. I love to read, and as a youngster I was known to spend 24 hours a day with a good book in my hand, neglecting food and sleep in order to finish the story. I also love to create. This can take many forms, from writing to sewing to gardening. In writing, I try to pass on to my readers the enjoyment which other authors have given me through their literature. This site also showcases a number of essays written for Sydney University's English Department and the University of New England's Law Department. I like writing essays, probably due to the externally imposed discipline. I love writing, but I have to force myself to write. When the topic for research is handed to me with a deadline, I have no choice - write I must. Over the years this has resulted in as much pain as pleasure, but I always felt the results were worth it. In contrast, when it comes to creating in fabric - embroidery, cross-stitch, beading, making my own clothes - I find the experience to be incredibly cathartic, and once I start (as with reading) I find it very hard to stop. As a result, I ration my reading and sewing; try to nurture my poetry and fiction; force myself to concentrate on study and other more serious projects, and whenever there is a moment in between, I take the time to stop and smell the roses (though these days I am more likely to be found worm-hunting with my boys!)

Schelle, Wombat & Munchkin
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