Fractal Myth


Paperbag Fiction

Experimental fiction written using plot elements drawn at random from a paperbag. I have a paper-bag filled with slips of paper, arranged in four bundles representing 'setting', 'props', 'characters' and 'quotes'. To start each story, I take a slip of paper from each bundle, and weave my story around the randomly chosen elements. This method has produced some of the best stories I have ever written (in my opinion, anyway).There are currently twelve stories in this collection.

Novels in Progress

I have three novels currently in progress, all far from completion, unfortunately. Come and have a look and encourage me to get one finished!

Short Stories

Written mainly for children and young adults, this small collection of stories explores environmental, romantic and fairytale themes. There are currently five stories in the collection.

Unfinished Fragments

Works in progress and those abandoned halfway! Snippets of fiction which don't fit anywhere else.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5  License God bless! God bless!