Fractal Myth

Romance Poems


[Michelle Chapman ©1995]
In the light of the setting sun I see you
silhouetted against a sky sublime
standing still and silent you seem
... so sad ... so serious ...
... so alone ...
- I am here -
I long to shout
to scream an inspired soliloquy
drowning out the raucous seagulls
speaking directly to your soul.

The stifled whisper dies in my throat
as you turn and I see you are
... smiling ...
... self-sufficient ...
the seagulls scatter at the sound of my sigh
and I realise only I
am superfluous to the scene.

You alone
are serene.


[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
Awareness of you
arcs over me as a wave
of electrical energy
every atom of my being.
without you
is agony.
I cannot even
begin to imagine
what I might do


[Michelle Chapman ©2002]
(Abyss revised).
arc through
every atom
of my being...


without you...


Miracles of Love.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
Snuggled 'gainst your back,
I hear your gentle breathing.
So peaceful in sleep.

Waking together
remembering sep'rate dreams -
yet feeling like One.

Miracle of love,
blending smoothly with each other -
two hearts beat as one.

Separate beings,
we try hard to reach each other -
and then our souls touch.

Opposites attract.
It's amazing how love tends to
glue us together!

Two Live As One.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
There's laughing joy in your encircling arms-
the danger of the world is far away.
Though time may soon decay my youthful charms,
I know close by my side you'll always stay.

With loving hope we greet each dawning day.
The changing sky brings sunshine and brings rain.
We've never given up when clouds were grey -
together we've seen sorrow and felt pain.

The thought of you still overwhelms my brain,
and fills my body with heartfelt desire.
My life is bound to yours with golden chain,
forever forged to last, in love's hot fire.

If ever we were parted, life would end.
You are my love, my partner, and my friend.

The Agony Aunt and the Lonely Heart.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
Dear lonely heart.
Why sit you there with head in hand,
Dear lonely heart?
Don't you know that love is an art
That leads you through the shifting sand?
Forget sorrow. Come, take a stand,
Dear lonely heart.

Agony Aunt.
Why must you triv'alise my pain?
Agony Aunt,
What makes you believe I can't
see through your cliches, writ for gain?
Your cheery message is in vain,
Agony Aunt.

Mournful echoes
of your loneliness spear through me.
Mournful echoes
reminding me life never goes
the way we hope and plan, so we
reverberate in sympathy.
Mournful echoes.

Laugh with me now.
Together we have cried salt tears.
Laugh with me now.
Life's vagaries will still allow
us time to weep in later years.
Today let us forget our fears.
Laugh with me now!

Beloved Insect.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
Pet cricket straining
at the fragile cotton string.
Boy's prized possession.

Little girl crying.
The boy shows her his cricket
and she sets it free.

Together they watch
as the cricket leaps away -
never looking back.

Revenge Philosophic.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
I indulge in
"aesthetic principles,
and a desire for
an elegant
universal theory."
I have tasted
The Collapse of Chaos.

(for the death of my dreams)
I could kill you.
That would give you release,
but I'd still be stuck here,
sin on my soul.
For the rest of my life,
my dreams would scream.
This is not the answer.

(for the pain in my heart)
I could hurt you.
Would that do any good?
Nerves and fibres soon heal
mend and forget,
skin scabs, bones knit, scars fade.
You'd feel fine, but
my heartbreak would still ache.

(for insulting my pride)
I could curse you.
Words will never touch you,
for words are your weapons.
You spit them out,
like poisonous arrows.
My pride still burns
with the heat of their barbs.

So I sit here
slicing myself up with
Occam's razor.

(in conclusion)
I now claim my revenge.
The simplest solution:
I forgive you.

I will dream of delight.
I'll let love heal my heart.
I will swallow my pride.

One bitter taste
and you are gone.

Different Agendas.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
...A jewelled flower set with gemstones rare
is a cheap bauble for such golden hair...

...It's time to feed the chickens, milk the cow,
and then I'd better check the pregnant mare...

...In all the universe, throughout the stars,
no other being has a face so fair...

...I'll roast shiny red apples for dessert,
or would your guests prefer some nice stewed pear?...

...My heart is lost, your beauty captures me.
You have forever trapped me in your snare...

...The table must be waxed, and then I'll go
to tell old John to fix that wobbling chair...

...Oh, radiant damsel, say you'll be mine.
My pulse will play your glorious fanfare...

...I'll need to get fresh curtains from the wash.
The windows are too bright in the sun's glare...

...I'm dying of suspenseful misery.
Have mercy and answer my heartfelt prayer...

...Oh, drat, I ripped my apron on that hook.
I hope I'll still have time to mend the tear...

...Your graceful, exquisite figure taunts me.
My darling, this is more than I can bear...

...Shoo, fly. You know you're not allowed in here.
You're not invited. There's no food to spare...

...Such delicate curls cascade down your back.
My hunger for you drives me to despair...

...That was the doorbell, sir. Your guests arrive.
What? Cross you? Why my lord I wouldn't dare...

...My bonny lassy, I will tempt you yet.
You'll put your pretty foot inside my lair...

Buried Treasure.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
Slowly drifting down to sleep
through the darkly dreaming sea,
sinking deep, so deep, so deep,

into deepest darkest me:
far beyond the limpid light
shining from my outside she.

Angels guide me through the night
leading me to life's lost gold
long denied to conscious sight:

memories, some new, some old,
fragments of forgotten lore,
gleaming through the dark and cold.

Finding on my ocean floor
bound in steel, a wooden box
somehow never seen before.

Many chained and complex locks
turned to dust beneath my touch.
Opened, it showed precious rocks:

two bright sapphires, shining such
scintillant sky-stolen blue,
making darkest night seem much

safer to my dream-chilled view;
next, a glowing ruby fell
shimmering with crimson hue;

lastly came a ring of shell,
opalescent, shining pearl,
with a sweet-toned golden bell

swinging from a silver swirl,
carved in ornate filigree.
'Round its edges, flowers curl;

gem bedecked, a humming bee
perches on the polished spray.
Hiding them away, I see

life without the lambent play
of these new-found toys of mine,
through the darkness holding sway

over depth's gloomy decline
where I'd found this treasure chest.
Salty tears seep into brine

as I leave them there to rest
in that lonely, dismal place.
Still, I think that it is best.

Raising up my sorry face,
floating silently aloft,
lithe with borrowed mermaid grace,

back where bedding snuggles soft,
where I know the warmth of love.
My sound-sleeping sweetheart coughed

softly. With a gentle shove
cuddling, he nestles near,
like a tender turtle-dove.

Suddenly I seem to hear
from my conscience, words of hope
banishing my former fear.

Talismans to help me cope
masquerading as mere stones:
buried far beyond my grope,

out of reach of flesh and bones,
far from wakeful conscious grasp.
Lullabied by sleep's slow drone,

sinking with each quiet gasp,
spurred on by my heart's intent
closely to my life to clasp

precious tokens clearly meant
to be more than 'look-at' toys.
These were gifts my love had sent!

Searching for those hidden joys
under layers of my life:
slipping sands that time destroys ~

happiness shot through with strife.
Hidden and neglected here,
he who chose me for his wife.

Finding now in depths so drear
sleep's symbolic strange surprise,
sending me a message clear.

Sapphires ~ two ~ his bright blue eyes,
watching windows out on loan,
azure, deep as summer skies.

Place them close behind my own.
Let him see all I can see ~
nothing he should not be shown.

Rose-red ruby, vibrant plea
that we two shall never part
gets no argument from me!

Hide it deep inside my heart.
Feel it shimmer, safe and warm,
buried deep like Cupid's dart.

Rainbow shell in circlet form,
golden bell that sweetly rings ~
shelter in emotion's storm.

Peacefully, it ceaseless sings
to my tired, bewildered brain,
songs that soothe life's varied stings.

Light as spring's first mist of rain
rests this crown upon my brow ~
there it ever shall remain.

Love's bright gifts are cherished now ~
treasures that the world holds cheap
fill my dreams with love's true vow.

Get Real.

[Michelle Chapman ©2002]
You snap,
I shatter...

I am human:
after all...
I mean well.

Pendulum swings,
I am unworthy...
flooding tears...

In denial
nothing changes.

Wedding Song for Saira and Seamus, 4/5/03.

[Michelle Chapman ©2003]
The radiant sky at evening glows in splendour as the sunset flows
across the ocean, gold and rose: the glory of eternal love.

In a clifftop field where breezes bolt, a farmer soothes a nervous colt;
strong shoulders braced against the jolt, he whispers of eternal love.

As soft clouds steal the sun's last ray, he threads the cliffs through salty spray.
Among the rocks, he kneels to pray, with longing, for eternal love.

Beneath the waves, as night descends, a daring selkie leaves her friends
who slumber at the island ends, all dreaming of eternal love.

She sheds her sealskin, sleek and cold, like flowers to the dawn unfold
sweet-scented petals, tightly scrolled: a promise of eternal love.

As scintillating starlight slips, like honey, through her fingertips,
an ancient hymn purls from her lips: a ballad of eternal love.

The farmer hears the selkie croon, lamenting to the silver moon,
and recognises in her tune an echo of eternal love.

The startled selkie turns to flee, by instinct, racing for the sea:
an untamed creature, wild and free, though tempted by eternal love.

She lets the farmer win the chase and nestles in his warm embrace:
each glimpses in the other's face a vision of eternal love.

As gracefully as gannets dart, they dance together, heart to heart.
To mate for life and never part: the secret of eternal love.

They marry where the singing surf caresses hills of emerald turf:
a new beginning for a perfect romance of eternal love.

May heaven's grace abide with you! May fairytales and dreams come true!
May two be one in all you do: united in eternal love!

Commitment (acrostic).

[Michelle Whitehead ©2010]
Crazy, huh?
Offering heart, soul, body to an other?
Must be nuts. Look at the statistics.
Monogamy? Misogyny! Marriage - what a trap!
Inside the silence, after
Tears and laughter
My one, my all, my only love.
Eternity is more than just a dream. We are
Necessary and sufficient.
Trust me.

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