Fractal Myth

Spiritual Poems


[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
Grey billows toss upon the stormy sea,
And violent gales howl through the stalwart trees.
Before the raging tempest, creatures flee,
While ice-bound sapling plants begin to freeze.

Blue butterflies dance on the gentle breeze,
And honeyeaters flit 'tween blossoms sweet.
The humming of the pollen-laden bees
Blends with the feathered nestling's tuneful tweet.

Vicissitudes of nature are a feat
Unmatched by e'en the changing moods of man.
Though often times at tricks of fate I bleat,
I know I'm part of God's eternal plan.

So whether wind blows foul or sun shines fair -
I'm happy, simply knowing He is there.

Saving Grace.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
In the dark silence of my soul
twinkling dreams of love and hope shine bright.
When menaced by life's heavy toll,
in the dark silence of my soul,
I keep my eyes fixed on the goal.
Though threatened by thoughts of endless night,
in the dark silence of my soul,
twinkling dreams of love and hope shine bright.


[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
The earthy scent of an autumn sun shower;
the delicate tint of dahlias in flower.
Glowing hues rainbowing across the sky,
uniting the heavens and earth and I,
wholly harmonious. Forgetting strife,
I thank the Lord for this wonderful life.
He looks with love on all His creation,
and blesses people from every nation
with natural beauty and simple joys,
which too often we shun, for man-made toys
bewitch our attention and steal our time.
We cannot appreciate the sublime
when our minds are fixed on worldly success.
What use is living and loving unless
we teach our children the best things are free?
When we believe in the truth of beauty
life becomes more than a fight to survive.
It is then that we are truly alive!

Where Are They Now?

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
Where are they now, who once roamed o'er these lands,
Hounds at their sides, and hawks perched on their hands,
Who owned the fertile fields and the green woods?
Rich ladies, wearing gold, and velvet hoods,
Reclining in their fragrant-petalled bowers,
Displaying faces fresh and fair as flowers.

They ate and drank and sang the days away,
For life was just a game they loved to play.
Men worshipped them; for their attention vied;
They bore themselves high, arrogant with pride.
Then in the twinkle of a flirting eye,
Their souls were lost, and none were left to sigh.

Where is that laughter, and that merry song,
The dainty shoes that gaily danced along,
Those pampered hounds and tamely tethered hawks?
All joy has vanished from their wonted walks;
Their carefree celebration now is done -
With agony they pay for too much fun.

Of paradise on earth they took their fill,
And so in hell they lie together still -
Burned by the fire that flames eternally,
In hopeless torment, never to be free.
Long is their "ay", and loud their cries of "oh",
Long their "alas", and loud their anguished "woe".

While yet you live, submit to daily care.
Accept the little pain you're asked to bear.
Oft turn your eyes away from worldly things,
And though severe and sore your sufferings,
Think but of your reward in heaven sweet,
Then soft and short will seem the trials you meet.

So, if the foul repulsive fiend of hell,
Through false temptation and wicked counsel
Leads you astray, and tries to cast you down,
Get up, and be a champion of renown.
Stand firm and fall no more, for this fierce blast
Is but a puff of wind that cannot last.

Hold tightly to the cross: it is your stave,
And think of Him that there upon it gave
Himself in sacrifice. His life so dear,
For you. Now you repay Him for it here -
By fighting 'gainst His foe. Though life is brief,
Take up that staff. Avenge Him on that thief!

Your right belief, true faith, will be your shield.
It will protect you, while you're in the field.
Strive always to stand straight and not to bend.
Keep the foul foe forever at staff's end.
The traitor will surrender his errand,
And you, gain life in that bright, merry land,

Wherein day shines forever without night;
Where, without end, you will know strength and might,
And vengeance will be dealt to every foe.
Well-being and prosperity - no woe -
With God Himself enjoy eternal life:
Know peace and rest - an end to war and strife.

Oh Mary, maiden mother, heaven's queen,
You might, and can, and have forever been
Our shield against the fiend. You help us win
The fight for life. Help us to flee from sin.
That we may see your Son, our loving Friend,
And share with Him the joy that has no end.

In God's Hands.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
The fire of God's love
burns away impurities
and leaves our souls' gold.

Only He can see
beneath our humanity
to judge our true worth.

God's eternal care
triumphs over our weakness
and teaches us hope.

God's Creature.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
Like a deer that longs for fast flowing streams,
my soul thirsts for You, dear Lord of my dreams.
In Your mercy, show me heavenly gleams:
sweet water to swell the hope in my heart.

As a bird trills tunes to romance his wife,
my song is for You, dear Lord of my life.
In Your mercy, keep me safe from all strife:
don't let my poor failings keep us apart.

As a hound her master's features adores,
my trust is in You, dear Lord of my cause.
In Your mercy, teach me Your holy laws:
when fear drags me down, to Your arms I dart.

Like a hawk that soars on breezes above,
my thoughts fly to You, dear Lord of my love.
In Your mercy, guide me back to your glove:
Your gentle, calm touch tames my frantic start.

Dear Lord, I'm Sorry.

[Michelle Chapman ©2001]
I'm sorry that humans hate each other.
We still haven't learnt to love.
You loved and obeyed your human mother
while we lie, steal, cheat and shove.

I'm sorry we don't look after the earth,
that we trash it every day.
You gave us free will. We chase after mirth
and laugh while the world wastes away.

But most of all, Lord,

I wish that I didn't just see these things
and do nothing to help out.
I try to change, yet lazy habit clings
so I kneel here plagued with doubt...

Dear Lord, we rely on you to forgive
without ever fixing the way we live.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5  License God bless! God bless!